About Us
Our business focuses on T-shirt printing designs. Pure Color’s quality T-shirts are the best choice for you. In October 2012, we started our business to provide reloable good printing t-shirt services to our valuable clientele. You can find many styles, sizes, and colors of shirts available for customization or ready-to-buy from our ready stock center. The standard white t-shirt, hoodies, polo shirts, ringer tees, and the trendy distressed t-shirts like Hi-cool performance fabric, microfiber and CVC honey comb are some of our popular styles. There is no minimum order size and most tees can be customized with your pictures and text.


The Fun and Joy of printing a T-shirt

Creating your own T-shirt design is a creative and convenient way of creating customized, original T-shirts. The process takes some practice to perfect, but a custom screen for printing will help you mass-produce your own T-shirts for special events, birthday, wedding day, company functions, vacations, charity runs, fund raising events, or just to spruce up your wardrobe with some wonderful color combination original pieces.

Many people love a T-shirt with a cool slogan or an interesting design. There is also a large demand for t-shirts, which can be worn to lounge around the workplace, shopping complexes, higher learning schools and at family gatherings. As for students, a T-shirt you design yourself can earn money for you by displaying your art at retailer shop or get a space in flea markets.

Custom T-shirts are used by businesses, bands, organizations, and individuals. To produce high quality T-shirts you will need some specialized equipment, such as a screen printing station, and knowledge of the screen printing process – all of which are taken care of by Pure Color.

Who Am I?
Pure Color Pte Ltd is active in full range of apparel business. We provide fashionable basics for men, women, children, schools, institute and business organizations.
Why choose Pure Color?
Customer can conveniently search online by category, brand, and style, while accessing product information to compare features and prices. In Singapore, savvy shoppers will be leveraging every channel they can in order to find the best apparel and the best value.

Our key capability for inventory optimization is flexible merchandising and fulfillment of customers’ order. We are the leaders of the t-shirt printing market through our advantageous supplier pricing from greater purchasing power.

We have our own production lines in Malaysia. The process from material to manufacturing, until the finished good is fully automated and in line with excellent quality control. Our qualified and well trained staff from different departments such as cutting, printing, embroidery, sewing, packaging are committed to work fast, reliably and with accuracy to meet timely delivery requirement. This practice has earned us the trust of our customers. Therefore, it gives us the competitive advantage in quality control and after sale services. We know your expectations and requirements, and can help you to solve the problems.

Manufacturing Process
Mechanization of the t-shirt production in Pure Color is based on the economical use of raw and processed material for product quality. It also create the possibility of using flow production method to ensure uniformity, a degree of precision and speed up the process.
Our products
Our products are T-shirts, polo tees, dri-fit sports apparel, tank tops, fleece hoodies, jackets, varsity jackets, caps, aprons and others.
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