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About Us

The Company

PURE COLOR is an apparel manufacturer that specialize in Tee Shirt, Collar Tee & Uniform manufacturing, we provide all range of colors and cutting for you to choosing major corporations, small businesses, organizations, clubs and teams. We make the process of Tee Shirt production quick, simple and headache free.

Why Choose Pure Color

We have 100% own production from material to manufacturing, cutting, printing, embroidery, sewing, packing and on-time deliveries has earned us the trust and reliability from customers. Therefore, it give us the competitive advantage in quality control and after sale services. We know your expectations and requirements and and we can help you to solve the problems.

Manufacturing Process

Mechanization of productions promotes rational and economical use of raw and processed material and power, reduction of prime cost and improvement of product quality. It also create the possibility of using flow productions methods, ensure uniformity, a degree of precision and speed up the process.

Printing & Embroidery

Colours Dyeing

Customised Design